SARGA - Aragonese Agro-Environmental Management Society

Description: Caring means “protecting.”

We take care of forests, the natural environment, water, agriculture and livestock and the rural environment.

And so, the prevention of fires, the modernization of irrigation, the creation of wastewater treatment plants, the health of our livestock and the conservation of species and habitats have become some of our hallmarks.

SARGA has about 1,200 specialized professionals with extensive experience in the EFQM model of business excellence.

Business Name: Sociedad Aragonesa de Gestión Agroambiental, S.L.U. (SARGA)


Sector: Agro-environmental Management

Country: Spain

Cárnicas Cinco Villas

Description: Cárnicas Cinco Villas is the largest and most modern of the Vall Companys Group’s pig slaughterhouses and cutting rooms. At an operational level, the plant has the latest technological advances in its cutting chain, ensuring high quality, hygiene and efficiency in all its processes. The result of all these advances is an automated production line, with cutting-edge machinery, and with a great capacity for cutting.

Business Name: Carnicas Cinco Villas S.A.

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Sector: Food Industry

Country: Spain

San Juan de Dios Hospital

Description: Currently, the hospital is a benchmark in Aragon in providing comprehensive quality care, where the patient is the center of our actions, inspired by the values ​​of the Hospital Order: hospitality, quality, respect, responsibility and spirituality.

This gives our hospital, and all the centers of the institution in the five continents, a style and identity of its own. The care activity stands out in Geriatrics, Rehabilitation, Hemodialysis, Palliative Care and Oral Health for children with disabilities, with optimal results and a high level of satisfaction contrasted both in patients and in their families.

These results are possible thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals and volunteers identified with the healthcare model (comprehensive and interdisciplinary), with the established objectives and with the values ​​mentioned above. In short, we are firmly committed to COMPREHENSIVE PATIENT ASSISTANCE.

Our desire for continuous improvement has led us to achieve the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality seals in all units, healthcare and non-healthcare. At the same time, we have the honor of having the Gold Seal of Business Excellence and the Seal of Socially Responsible Company, which, in addition to the aforementioned certifications, places us as a leading center, aiming at quality and results in the field of management and service. healthcare partner.

Business Name: Hospital San Juan de Dios


Sector: Health Care

Country: Spain

AEPREPOL - Spanish Association for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Police Field and FAS (Armed Forces)

Description: The Spanish Association for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Police Field (hereinafter “AEPREPOL”), welcomes in its bosom the group of police professionals from the different Security bodies, as well as the technical professionals of the Occupational Risk Prevention services of said bodies.

AEPREPOL comes to cover the technical needs derived from the risks of multiple police tasks and functions. It takes into account professional specificity based on ABSOLUTE and TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY, based on experience and frameworks related to the police profession at its different levels of intervention.

AEPREPOL configures a forum at the national level that enables the confluence where there is a diversity of origins and problems, with the sole purpose of improving the specific and technical aspects related to the police profession.

AEPREPOL begins its journey, being officially registered in the Association register of the Ministry of the Interior on February 25, 2016.

Business Name: Asociación Española de  Prevención de Riesgos Laborales en el Ámbito Policial y Fuerzas Armadas


Sector: Police and Military

Country: Spain


Description: Zinnae, the Cluster for the efficient use of water, is a non-profit association that works to offer solutions to water security challenges in order to build a sustainable and resilient future, working under the principles of the circular economy and intelligent society.

ZINNAE has 40 partners, 70% companies, mainly SMEs. It also has the participation of the Ebro river Basin Authority, the first basin organization created at the level of Spain and Europe and the City Council of Zaragoza, responsible for the integral management of water at urban level. In addition, the main R&D&I centres at the regional level are, as well, ZINNAE partners.

ZINNAE’s member companies have an aggregate turnover of 136 million Euros.

Business Name: Asociación Clúster para el Uso Eficiente del Agua (ZINNAE)


Sector: Water Sector

Country: Spain

COFEXT - Illustrious Official College of Physiotherapists of Extremadura

Description: In the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, the Illustrious Official College of Physiotherapists of Extremadura (COFEXT) represents and defends the interests of physiotherapists and Physiotherapy in general and, in particular, in its relations with the Administration and health institutions.

COFEXT watches over and works so that Physiotherapy improves the health care of citizens, and to promote and achieve a better and more extensive integration of Physiotherapy in the healthcare structure.

The Illustrious Official College of Physiotherapists of Extremadura is a member of the General Council of Associations of Physiotherapists of Spain, coordinating and representative body of all the Professional or Official Associations of Physiotherapists, in terms of its functions and representation of Physiotherapy at the state and international levels.

Business Name: Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas de Extremadura (COFEXT)


Sector: Health Care

Country: Spain

IPPOCRATE AS : e-Health, m-Health and medical software development for medical research

Description: IPPOCRATE AS is a software house specialised in the development of e-health, m-health and medical software for medical research​.

It develops digital technologies to support health and healthcare and it implements software for companies and research centres of the medical health sector.

IPPOCRATE AS, partner company of JO Group, is involved in both Italian and European research and development consortia.

The software house has a long experience in obtaining research funds by drawing on the agencies of the European Commission, Ministries and Regions.

Business Name: IPPOCRATE AS S.r.l.


Sector: Medical software

Country: Italy

Official College of Physiotherapists of the Basque Country (COFPV)

Description: The Official College of Physiotherapists of the Basque Country (COFPV) is a public law corporation with its own legal personality and with full capacity to fulfill its purposes and exercise its functions.

The COFPV has as essential purposes the organization of the exercise of the profession and the profession exclusive institutional representation, the defense of the professional interests of their members and the protection of the interests of the consumers and users of the services of their members.

Business Name: Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas del País Vasco (COFPV)


Sector: Health Care

Country: Spain